Friday, 14 November 2014

Day Thirty-Five

1. 105 Empty Places at the Christmas Table

Wills and I have literally just arrived in Torquay, following a nightmare journey for the poor man, the awesome Bob, who came to collect us. With an accident on the M3 and part of the M25 literally collapsing the poor man had an 8 hour journey to us and a 6 hour journey back due to the general Friday crawl and some torrential downpours. 

Rather than arrive in Torquay this afternoon, we arrived late this evening but what an arrival it was. The fantastic Hotel De La Mer looks even more wondrous than ever decced with the most incredibleg Christmas decorations. I am guessing the 'Tinsel and Turkey' season is in full swing as we  walked in to the sound of a brass band playing 'ding dong merrily on high,' much to William's delight as he forever will associate that song with the Miranda Christmas Special. It was very appropriate to as, for Wills and I, Christmas starts tomorrow in a very special way and I can think of no where better for this, a Christmas I intend to make as magical as possible for everyone, to get started than with the amazing Luke Tillen in the Torbay Holiday Helper's Network HQ at his hotel.

My mind soon wondered to the 105 people who have now died on the UK transplant waiting list since I started this blog, the empty places at their Christmas table and all those family and friends sitting looking at them. Tomorrow we will be taking part in something very special indeed aimed at trying very hard to reduce these shocking numbers and find more organ donors for those, like William, who are waiting for them.

2. Courageous Colin the Crocodile

I am writing this on my phone and can't seem to upload the pictures I want so you'll have to use your imagination. On William's bed waiting for him as a Teddy Mountain 'build a bear' style crocodile. Tomorrow we will stuff him and put in his heart. A heart labelled 'courage.' There couldn't be anything more perfect for my couragous boy. Colin (I have named him this so it may well change when we make it together but let's call him Colin for now) is going to become a big friend to a Wills and me too during this transplant journey. I think he may well get cuddled by me as much as Wills at times. Tomorrow I will write this blog properly on my laptop in the hotel reception tarea where the wifi is stronger. I'll add the photos if I can so do come back and have a look. If I can't upload then 'Colin' will return on a future post.

3. Collapsing Concrete

Something as strong and concrete as the M25 collapsing in the rain has got me thinking. It's a fantastic metaphor for so much I am saying on here. Something we take so much for granted and a highway to so many people's journey's, literally and metaphorically as they journey to dreams and ambitions in and around London, just collapsing because of bad weather. There is so much to draw from this. For once though, this is just an idea,  I haven't even got to the kernel of the poem or piece of prose I will write from this as I am far too tired from being caught in the wake of the damage. So, for now, I'm leaving it here but I will come back to this.

I'm sorry this is so short and sweet. Do come back tomorrow to find out how out Christmas will start with a flash of green stars, for a fantastic book recommendation and review and for something else that I haven't yet discovered myself! 

If you are not on the organ donor register, please do click here for more information and to sign up.

If you are enjoying this blog, please help me to keep going and help crowdfund my Three A Day: Waiting project  and get some lovely postcards and an anthology, limited for only those who support and invest in the project.

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