Monday, 27 October 2014

Day Seventeen

1. Lost For Words

Today I am completely lost for words. All day, my thoughts have been with a very dear friend who has been going through something unimaginable. It is impossible for anything creative through the pain I feel for the family tonight, and how this relates to our own journey. I’m sure I will be coming back to today later on in this blog but, for now, I’ll take you back ten days or so to when I wrote about ago how life changes in a heart beat! It really does you know!

2. No Words

I have no words to say that possibly could comfort you
No words to ease you gently from your pain
There are no words of mine to take you back to yesterday
and fill the world with colour again

Oh to find the words to show you that the day will come
When the dawn will rise with light and warmth once more
But until I find the way to let you know that
I’ll send love and strength from which you can draw

3. Moment in Time

I’ve mentioned before that I write songs. I wasn’t planning on sharing any on here as the idea behind this blog is to write three pieces of new material every day. Today is not a day for writing about me, or even about Wills though. This is a song I wrote the Christmas before last. I wrote it in memory of Riley, William’s first best friend and out room mate when we first arrived into the hospital that would become our ‘Chelsea Pad’ for months on end. Riley became an angel just three days before his first birthday on Christmas Day in 2005. This song is for Riley’s wonderful mummy and daddy but, at the same time, for William’s donor family and the families of all the gorgeous children we have had to say goodbye to on our journey through William’s life.

As this is a writing blog, I’ll share the lyrics and then post a video of when I sung this at William’s fifth transplant anniversary last year. It was an emotional performance rather than a perfect one. Riley’s family where there and I had a photo of him on my keyboard.

You held me once upon a moment in time
Before I had to leave you there
I left you holding on to all that was mine
When you were dreaming
I whispered to you
You never heard the words I’d say

Our lives shone brightly in our moment in time
Before the colours drained away
I left you stranded in a world cold and grey
When you were dreaming
I tried to reach you
You never turned to look my way

But I’m here, deep inside you
I never walked away
And I want you to feel that I am near
When you don’t know how you’ll take your next breath
Or why your heart beats on
It’s me who takes over and makes you carry on

Your eyes are windows to our moment in time
I paint the memories they hold
I’m bringing back the colour
and polishing the shine
I’m travelling with you
In every heart beat
With you each moment in time.

You can here the song here 

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