Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Day Ninetwen

1. Time Out 

I am spending an incredible day in company of Amma, her followers and others who have flocked to Ally Pally to be here. It is a special and spiritual day for me and with my wonderful friend I have been writing about in the last few days in my heart. There is much to share and my three posts will be up but in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Please come back tonorrow.
Update: I had to stay here later than expected so I am keeping my commitment and promise with three very quick pieces and will write properly tomorrow afternoon, when I have taken all this in. Please bare with me. I needed this very precious time out and spiritual boost. I will make it up to you later today so please come back later this (Thursday) evening for a much more detailed day twenty.

2.  Amazing News

After the devastating news in theast few days, today has been a day of the very best. Before I left home for the day I read that a dear friend in the transplant community had just jad a call for a second lung transplant. This lady is such a wonderful and brave person and mother and was so very very ill living in hospital. I had to keep off facebook today, mainly because it is my day to dig deep inside myself and leave everything else behind for a time but also because I needed to concerve battery just in case our call came. As I was waiting for my Darshan and mantra I checked just to see if my friend's operation was going ahead and was so so excited and delighted to see she was in theatre. So much and strength for her, her family and her precious precoous donor and their family.

3. String of love 

I'll leave you with one of my favourite Amma quotes, as I remember it;

"We are all beads on the same string of love"

I'll be reunited with my laptop very soon and will write properly about everything I experienced today/yesterday.

Be back this evening, please join me.

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